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New Year Party

Happy New Year and....

            WINNERS FOR Calendar Basket Raffle
1.) 11/25/2021: Winner: Tina Kirsch, holiday wreath
2.) 11/26/2021 Winner: Marie Ochal, $50.00 cash
3.) 11/27/2021 Winner: Kristin Janes, cardinal gift basket
4.) 11/28/2021Winner: Penny Keicher, wine basket
5.) 11/29/2021 Winner: Dorothy Zimmerman, lottery bouquet
6.) 11/30/2021 Winner: Patricia Armstrong, meat basket
7.) 12/1/2021 Winner: Tina Kirsch, holiday decor
8.) 12/1/2021 Winner: Cole (no last name provided), holiday wreath
9.) 12/2/2021 Winner: Carolyn Smith, holiday decor
10.) 12/2/2021 Winner: Clara Eck, coffee themed basket
11.) 12/3/2021 Winner: Joy Bucknam, $100 Gift Certificate (HG Millers Farm Greenhouse)
12.) 12/3/2021 Winner: C. Zeilman, Wine Basket
13.) 12/4/2021 Winner: Kimberly Christensen, quilt basket
14.) 12/4/2021 Winner: Rob Davis, assorted basket
15.) 12/5/2021 Winner: Kara Pitts, coffee basket
16.) 12/5/2021 Winner: Jeff Hill, pasta basket
17.) 12/6/2021 Winner: Cheryl Miller, wine & snuggle up basket
18.) 12/6/2021 Winner: Joe Craddock, holiday wreath/ antler
19.) 12/7/2021 Winner: Denise Urbino, relaxation basket
20.) 12/7/2021 Winner: Louis Ando, meat basket
21.) 12/8/2021 Winner: Nancy Schwab, 2 bottles of wine & rack
22.) 12/8/2021 Winner: Amanda Crowley, little bit of this and that and 32 oz of sweetness too! (maple syrup)
23.) 12/9/2021 Winner: Renee Hill, our kitchen basket
24.) 12/9/2021 Winner: Shane Cooper, handmade afghan and snuggle buddy
25.) 12/10/2021 Winner: Cherry Carl, coffee basket
26.) 12/10/2021 Winner: Pauline Skeels, quilt basket
27.) 12/11/2021 Winner: Kathy Okiec, Merle's basket
28.) 12/11/2021 Winner: Judy Snyder, blanket & snuggle friend
29.) 12/12/2021 Winner: Bill Craft, maple product box
30.) 12/12/2021 Winner: Janet Hardie, Yankee candles
31.) 12/13/2021 Winner: Jeanne Dale, pasta night basket
32.) 12/13/2021 Winner: Rhonda Perry, $50.00 Gift Certificate to Pasquales
33.) 12/14/2021 Winner: Jane Schmeider, meat basket
34.) 12/14/2021 Winner: Jayden Bondaug, wine/ book basket
35.) 12/15/2021 Winner: Scott Farret, walking stick & Columbia jacket (ladies)
36.) 12/15/2021 Winner: Susie Ott, wine basket
37.) 12/16/2021 Winner: Paula Catlin, Oliver's candies
38.) 12/16/2021 Winner: Dawn Bliss, party in a basket
39.) 12/17/2021 Winner: Ron Eddy, wine and snacks
40.) 12/17/2021 Winner: Helen Hasselbeck, platter & quilt
41.) 12/18/2021 Winner: Sandy Janes, owl themed basket
42.) 12/18/2021 Winner: Elizabeth Ball, handmade card basket
43.) 12/19/2021 Winner: Dawn Snyder, Oliver's & angel
44.) 12/19/2021 Winner: Judy Perl, Pink lady basket
45.) 12/20/2021 Winner: Julie Spink, Relaxation basket
46.) 12/20/2021 Winner: Rhonda Perry, coach purse
47.) 12/21/2021 Winner: Rosanne Lefort, comfort basket
48.) 12/21/2021 Winner: Nancy Dexter, Zumba/ Bills bag
49.) 12/22/2021 Winner: Nicole Dobbs, hand-crafted blanket & snuggle buddy
50.) 12/22/2021 Winner: Sue Schell, Maple products from Tozier Century Farm
51.) 12/23/2021 Winner: Ron Eddy, Stonewall kitchen basket of goodies
52.) 12/23/2021 Winner: Dorothy Zimmerman, purple relaxation basket
53.) 12/24/2021 Winner: Tina Kirsch, Wine rack and (5) bottles of wine
54.) 12/24/2021 Winner: Sandy Kensinger, holiday themed basket
55.) 12/24/2021 Winner: Dawn Greene, technology basket
56.) 12/25/2021 Winner: Alice Trzciniski, handmade quilt
57.) 12/25/2021 Winner: Carolyn Smith, Bills Basket

Congratulations EVERYONE!!


A place to rest on life’s final journey.

Charlotte House is a comfort care home, located in Wyoming County, for individuals who are terminally ill with less than (3) months to live. Resident's at Charlotte House receive quality care and support from staff, family and trained volunteers.

There is never a charge to a resident or their family for resident care thanks to the support of a wonderful community and generous donors. Charlotte House is completely supported by fundraisers, donations, grants, memorials and bequests. A large portion of care is provided by community members that donate their time. Without this support, Charlotte House could not exist. 

Comfort Care Homes all work on the same model: end-of-life care for two people

at one time with the help of trained volunteers and staff. A hospice or certified nursing agency supports the care with nursing, social work, chaplain, and aide visits weekly.

Each home acts independently, considering the parameters of the household and the individuals needs being sure to fully provide the care needed and promised as someone enters Charlotte House. 



The services we provide heavily rely on the support you give us.
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