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There are many ways that you can help the Charlotte House
achieve our mission

So often people think that they cannot make a difference because they lack the experience, skills or emotional strength to get involved in something as important as comfort care. The truth is that your involvement can take many forms well beyond direct resident care.

We have volunteers that cook, clean, assist with fundraising, handyman work, administrative support, read to a resident, give a manicure or a pedicure, plant flowers, take photographs @ events, collect donations, act as an ambassador, marketing assistance, donate eggs (yes, we have someone that does this weekly), donate household items like cleaning supplies or snacks or even host their own fundraisers with the proceeds going to the Charlotte House.

You could also consider taking up a collection with family or friends or at work or church. If you help spread the word about the great service that Charlotte House provides in our community you might be pleasantly surprised by the response. 
For some people making a monetary donation is the best option. One time donations are greatly appreciated or you can commit to reoccurring (monthly, quarterly or yearly) donations by clicking on the heart shaped donation link below.

Of course resident care volunteers are at the core of the services that we provide. Caring for someone that cannot care for themselves is extremely rewarding and a blessing to the families that have chosen Charlotte House for the care of their loved one.


The house relies solely on volunteers, monetary & in-kind donations, fundraising, grants, memorials and bequests.

There is never a charge to a resident or a resident’s family.

Charlotte House does not receive any reimbursement

from insurance companies. 

When you give a gift of time, a gift of money or a gift of supplies, your help is greatly and lovingly appreciated!

You 'can' also donate your bottles & cans to the
Charlotte House Canland
The receptacles can be found at the following locations... 


      Java Country Store                        K-D’s Stop N Shop                   Arcade VFW                              

       and the Java Municipal Building 1614 Main S
treet, Java Center, NY 14082

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Arcade VFW.jpg
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The caring services that we provide rely heavily on the support that we receive from community members like you.
Please click on one of the icons below to help support Charlotte House.


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I want to get involved but, I don't know how..!

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