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Current Board of Directors
Kim Bragg- President, 716-353-3854
Harry Beckous- Vice President,  509-879-3176
Donna Kibler- Secretary, 585-322-0693
Sandra Janes- Treasurer, 716-912-6029
Doris Kirsch, 585-457-3315
Kathy Schwab, 716-474-3219
Pat Standish,  585-943-7082
Andrea Aldinger, 585-813-5130
Rachel Ashcroft, 716-870-5653
Carol Wittman,  585-344-1326

(585) 535-4065

What can you and your family can expect when coming to the Charlotte House?


A team of individuals all working together with you and your family to create an atmosphere of all the best parts of being home. Our staff and volunteers are here to assist you as much or as little as you are personally comfortable with. In our experience, the more the family is involved the family members are, the more at home a resident will feel. We realize that every family dynamic is different and working together we will create a plan that works best.

Charlotte House is a comfort care home located in Wyoming County for individuals who are terminally ill and wish to live in comfort, receive quality care and support from staff, family and trained volunteers.

Comfort Care homes all work on the same model: end-of-life care at no cost to the resident or family.

A hospice or certified nursing agency supports the care with nursing, social work, chaplain and aide visits. Each home operates independently and determines who best matches the parameters of the services offered.

When Charlotte House accepts a resident from a hospital or nursing home, all information regarding residents will be provided from the discharge agency. When residents are coming in from a home, a Charlotte House representative will visit the home to assess the potential resident.    

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